1. What type of thread do the connectors work with?

Our connectors work with Standard 3/4" Garden Hose Threads (GHT).

2. Do Gorilla Easy Connects work with other brands?

No.  Each manufacture makes their connectors slightly different.  They may fit, but typically they will leak at the male and female connection.  Also, Gorilla Easy Connects are tested for up to 200 psi, which make the tolerances much more stringent. 

3. Do these have a check valve?

Yes, our Ball Valves are made of durable brass and stainless steel.  We have 2 types of directions to choose from.  See the details on which works best for your application.

4. What is your warranty on your connectors?

We have a standard 1-year warranty on all of our connectors and 10 years on our Gardening Tools with a NO HASSLE return policy.  We just want you to be 100% happy and satisfied with our gardening products.

5. How can I get replacement washers and "O" for the connectors?

Just fill out the request form on the bottom of the Home page and let us know what you need.  We'll be happy to send them out to you.

6. What material are the ball bearings made of inside the female connector?

They are made of stainless steel so that they will not rust.

7. Why do other brands make their threads in the reverse direction?

We're not sure.  However, Gorilla Easy Connect's thread direction is made for 1-handed use and helps those with limited hand mobility.  Simply attach our male connector to your hose bib/spigot and with your index and thumb finger pull back on the female connector and attach it to the male side.  If the threads were in the opposite direction, you would need 2-hands to connect or disconnect.