About Us

Gorilla Easy Connect® has what you need to keep your plants fresh and to stay connected to your garden. All of our products are made of the most durable metals on the market and are built to last, so no need for constant replacements. 

Make your gardening easy with Gorilla Easy Connect Ball Valves, Connectors, Spray Nozzles, Sweeper Nozzles.  No need to screw or unscrew your hoses or watering devices, just use our easy quick release connectors.  We also carry Gardening Tools and Pruning Gloves.

Gorilla Easy Connect® is dedicated to providing our customers with the best products and excellent customer service.  Our #1 goal is to insure you are 100% satisfied with our products!

All of our products are tested to meet the highest standards of quality and are made of the most durable metals on the market.

We stand behind our products and are continually trying to improve. We welcome your feedback.

Renere Lopez


Gorilla Easy Connect®