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GORILLA EASY CONNECT SecureLock™ Locking Female Quick Connect. Standard 3/4" GHT Fittings.

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Gorilla Easy Connect Solid Brass Female Quick Connect. Only works with other Gorilla Easy Connect products and should be purchased as a set or for use with other Gorilla Easy Connect products. One Year Warranty.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
The absolute best

We now have about 12 of these on our small farm. I have tried lots of different quick connectors over the years and finally discovered Gorilla Connectors about 3 years ago. So glad I did. Buying more again today because we need lots of the female connector parts so we can interchange items (like sprinklers vs nozzles) on the same male connector that stays on the hose.

Cascades Cal
Mo' Female = Mo Better w/ no Blues

So yes while any full hose systems will need the set of attachments, both m/f, (hose end sprayers, hand held sprinklers etc...) need just the female attachment. So if you're anal about planning out your garden plumbing in advance (yes I am), we'll always need more female connects than males.

To Alan from 2020 (who probably has an answer already) - yes take your hoses apart and clean them on a boring and cloudy day once a year before storing for winter. I always have 3 in 1, PB Blaster or WD40 around if needed for rubber after everything is clean. Who wants to buy stuff twice!! Happy gardening, watering or power washing. p.s. I've never had any issues with Gorilla products - Attach em', forget em' and go worry about something else!

Nice and convenient

These are perfect for snapping different attachments. I had one female lock up and doesn't want to snap back in place after inserting the male. If I twist it a bit and work on it, it eventually snaps in place. Don't know if we need to oil these on occasion or take them apart and clean them. Of course the females are hard to get right now, I hope they fix that. My external faucets drain well with the mail on and the hose disconnected, I'm curious if there has been any issues with pipes bursting over the winter if the male is left on with the hose detached.

Eric Jilot
Great product but hard to find addition female connectors

I purchased a set on Amazon a couple of weeks ago and love them. They are strong and reliable. Easy to connect and just as easy to disconnect. The only drawback is that I am unable to purchase additional female connectors. It appears that Amazon does not sell them individually.

Hello Eric,
Thanks for the review and yes, we do have them back in stock. This year has been crazy for us and we've actually ran out 2 times over the Covid-19 issue. Thanks again for your review and purchasing our connectors.

CEO Gorilla Easy Connect®

Roberto Diaz
I needed more females.

I purchased a set on Amazon a couple of weeks ago and I saw their add on Google. It reminded me that I wanted to buy a couple more females and they don't sell them on Amazon by themselves. These are made well and heavy duty.

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