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GORILLA EASY CONNECT® Weedhunter® is a 4-in-1 Gardening Weeder and Shovel.

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Our Patented 4-in-1 Gardening Weeder and Shovel Combination Includes The Following Features that Will Make Your Gardening Experience a Whole Lot Easier: 

  • HIGH QUALITY HEAVY DUTY Aluminum Shaft with Fiberglass Reinforcement makes our 48" Tall Weeder and Shovel Durable..
  • 360 DEGREE LARGE ROTATING HANDLE Gives a Well Balanced Secure Ergonomic Grip.
  • V-SHAPED POINTED TIP Is Designed to Get Under Deep Roots or Surface Grown Weeds to allow easy removal.
  • TRIANGLE SHOVEL DESIGN Allows Ease of Digging Into Clay, Gravel or Grass With Minimal Effort.
  • 11-TOOTH RAKE Helps Remove Leaves, Dirt and Other Debris to Give your Garden a Nice Groomed Appeal.
  • 11 INCH MACHETE Is Designed to Remove Small Unwonted Stems From Trees, Bushes or Plants 
  • GORILLA EASY CONNECT® Means Heavy Duty and Extreme Durability That Is Backed Up With a Full 1 Yea Year Manufacturer Warranty. 

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